Self Storage – It’s All about Planning

Published on 11/19/2021

When you plan to keep your possessions in self storage, it’s vital to plan out your course of action well before hand. This will ensure a smooth storage process and will eliminate any problems at a later stage. So when you plan, make a list of what is involved in the planning, and then follow that list. Basically, you have to make lists of lists in order to simplify the process for yourself.

Begin with the basics. In other words, your first priority should be to make a list of all the packing material you are likely to need. This should include cartons/boxes, bubble wrap, masking tape, rope, marker pens, silica gel, pallets, etc. Then prepare a list of what you will be storing and visit the storage facility. The manager at the facility will then be able to help you by assessing the size of the storage area you will require.

Read the fine print in the agreement you sign with the storage facility. Familiarize yourself with all their policies. Figure out if the storage unit will provide access to the moving truck you’ll be using, especially if you’re planning to use a moving company. Once you finalize these aspects, you can schedule your mover, preferably at least 30 to 45 days ahead of the planned date.

Work out a floor plan of how you’ll arrange all the items in the storage unit so that you don’t have to rearrange anything later. Then organize pallets on which to keep everything so that they’re kept raised off the floor. Create an aisle down the center of the unit which will provide you with access to the back of the storage unit. Get shelves that are freestanding to facilitate better organization of the unit. Label all cartons/boxes clearly on all six sides and keep a list for cross referencing.

Always pack boxes to avoid making them too heavy. Keep heavier boxes below and lighter boxes on top. Plan to keep items to which you may need access more frequently, towards the front of the unit. While storing furniture, try to dismantle as many as possible and pack and label them. This will save you space, and facilitate re-assembling later.

Stock up on sufficient amounts of light blankets, sheets, etc to cover and protect your property in storage. And plan to check on your unit at least once every month. You are now set to go.

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