Categorizing Your Storage

Published on 10/20/2021

Self-Storage is a great solution for those who are running out of home-space to store all of their belongings. Truthfully, all of us have things that we cannot part with but we don’t have space for. If you can find a storage facility that is the right price, within close proximity, and where you know your items will be stored safely, it will be the solution to keeping & accessing your items whenever you need them. 

However, once you have begun renting a unit there are some tricks in the way you organize that will help keep things you need most accessible. When most people move their stuff into a unit they begin stacking it from back-to-front until it is full. Taking a little time to organize will save you a lot of time in the future when you need to find something. 

Here ar

e some things to consider when moving into a unit:

  • Label Your Boxes, Bins, and Containers

If you mark what type of items or specify the room contents on the outside of the box it will save you from digging through all your boxes when you need to find something. For example, simply marking “kitchenware” or “photography equipment” on the outside of your boxes will help you know directly where to go when you need to find a specific item.

  • Place Frequently Used Items at the Front

Take a moment to assess which things you use most and will potentially need to access in the near future. Keep those items at the front by the door and you won’t have to crawl over all your stuff to find the things you need. 

  • Sketch a Diagram

Of all the suggestions, this one is probably the most ingenious. As you fill your unit, draw a sketch of where boxes and items are stored to reference when you need them in the future. 

  • Use Vertical Space

Using shelves in Storage is a great way to maximize the efficiency of the space you have while keeping your stuff organized and easy to access. Make sure you determine what size of unit you will need by using a “storage size estimator” and then fully utilize the space you have by neatly stacking it with shelf-units. 

Being organized is one of the most efficient ways to save time and energy, but also to avoid the headaches that come with using self-storage. If you have any questions about what type of storage you might need, call or email us by clicking on the link! (CONTACT US).