How to Protect Electronic Equipment in Self-Storage

Published on 11/10/2021

If you are planning to keep your electronic goods in self-storage, you need to take certain precautions to keep them clean and safe from harm. If you go about it in a careful and organized manner, you shouldn’t really have any problem in keeping them as good as new.

Electronic goods are very sensitive and need to be maintained properly at the best of times. But this is even more relevant when you are planning to put them in self-storage for any length of time. These electronic items are very vulnerable to dust and humidity and can be affected very badly if they are exposed to either.

Computers, televisions, music systems, etc can be thrown completely out of kilter if cleanliness and moisture levels are in question. So the first thing you need to do is thoroughly wipe them clean of all dust. This will prevent dust creeping into the circuits and jamming them, and will also prevent scratches on the surface.

The next step you need to take is to disconnect and remove all wires and cables, thereby avoiding stress on the sockets which can happen if they’re pulled at. It’s important to group the wires and label them according to the appliances they belong to, and pack them with the appropriate appliance so that they are easy to find and reconnect later.

You next need to wrap the appliances individually with dust sheets. Avoid using plastic sheets as they will be affected by temperature changes and humidity, and pockets of moisture can form inside. Moisture can be very detrimental to electronic goods and can damage them permanently. Where ever possible, try to use the original packaging including the molded thermocol pieces into which the appliances can fit snugly. This will prevent them from shifting around and damaging the other items.

And finally, stack your electronic items according to size and weight. Place larger, heavier objects at the bottom and the smaller, lighter one’s on top. This will ensure your electronics goods remain in good condition.

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