12 Tips For Using A Long-Term Self Storage Unit

Published on 2/13/2023
Benefits Of Self Storage For HomeownersAre you planning to rent a storage unit in Farmville, VA for your long-term needs? If so, it’s important to note that items may require different care or treatment when being stored for a few years. Whether you are storing household items, business materials, student belongings, or anything else that won’t fit into your space, it is important that they are properly prepared for long-term storage. Let the experts at Quick Lock Storage provide you with 12 tips for using a long term self storage unit. 

1. Choose a climate controlled facility – Temperature and humidity fluctuations can wreak havoc on items that are stored in an non-climate controlled environment. Investing in a climate controlled facility will ensure your items are safe from extreme temperature changes and remain unaffected by high humidity levels.

2. Clean and dry all items – Before placing any item into storage make sure to clean and dry them thoroughly so as to not attract insects or rodents that can quickly damage your possessions.

3. Label boxes and containers – Labeling boxes and containers will help you locate what you need when you need it faster than searching through each one of them. This also helps if someone else is helping you unpack and organize the items removed from the unit when you move out of it.

4. Invest in quality moving supplies – Quality moving supplies such as sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper/peanuts etc., will ensure your possessions remain safe within the storage unit walls until needed again.

5. Disassemble furniture pieces – Furniture pieces take up valuable space inside the storage units but can easily be disassembled before going into storage to save some space.

6. Wrap furniture legs with bubble wrap – Wrapping furniture legs with bubble wrap will protect them from dents and scratches while inside the unit and also help prevent damage during transport back home or to another location once removed from the unit itself.

7. Place mattress on edge rather than flat – Storing mattresses flat allows moisture to collect on them which leads to mold growth; instead store them on their edges where they can “breathe” better thus preventing any nasty surprises later on down the road like mold growth!

8. Store electronics away from windows - Electronics should always be stored away from windows since direct sunlight can cause damage over time due to UV rays hitting them directly via windows even if tinted or shaded ones are used!

9. Do not overload shelves - Shelves should never be overloaded since this could lead to structural damage of both shelves as well as other items nearby due to weight distribution issues caused by too much mass being placed upon one particular spot/area at any given time!

10. Use pallets beneath heavy items - Placing pallets beneath heavy items such as appliances or machinery will help prevent moisture accumulation under these heavier pieces which could lead to rust formation over time due to standing water coming into contact with metal surfaces regularly!

11. Think vertically - Utilize wall space whenever possible by using shelves or racks designed specifically for this purpose; this way more room can open up within the actual floor area of your rented self-storage unit allowing more room than initially thought available!

12. Use drawers & bins for small objects - Instead of throwing all small objects together in one big box use drawers & bins instead which then become easily accessible when needed without having rummage through each individual item looking for the required object at hand!

Conclusion: Whether you are renting a self-storage unit in Farmville, VA short-term or long-term, following these tips ensures proper care of your possessions while they remain within its walls until needed again whether that's tomorrow or many years down the road! It is important to remember though that every situation is unique so make sure whatever steps taken reflect how well protected & secure those belongings truly need no matter how long they're going away for!  By following these tips provided by Quick Lock Storage experts in Farmville, VA you'll be able set rest assured knowing everything's done correctly & effectively ensuring those personal belongings stay safe no matter what!

To take full advantage of what Quick Lock Storage has to offer and to add further security to your valued items, be sure to rent your self-storage unit today. Not only is it easy, but it will better prepare you for a world where store-bought security is increasingly becoming more important than ever before.